You Won’t Believe What Happened With My First Mini Course!

Success and Happiness!

So what’s a Mini Course? I guess I could say click on the link and see for yourself. Instead I’ll see if an explanation will help. 

A course of any kind should be to teach something. Everyone remembers their Biology course in high school, or Chemistry. They used to call them classes and in college they became courses.

So a Mini Course by nature is to teach something, just in an abbreviated form. Courses can range anywhere from 3 modules to as many as necessary to get the subject matter across. Again, a  Mini Course by design is to be quick, so the reader won’t get tired like with a 15,000 word sales page that we have seen typically in the past. A sales letter still makes an impact, as long as someone actually takes the 30 minutes or so to read it.

I don’t know about you, but my impatience says “get to the bottom line.” So straight to the bottom of the page I go. The smart ones who know this will happen with some readers, actually have a link at the bottom to take the reader to the…bottom line. In other words the “cost!”

Most know by now that the concept of the “sales page” and why it’s so long, has to do with creating authority. There are power words, phrases, testimonials, along with lots of stuff to convince the reader the product being promoted is all it claims to be and more.

The current trend on the Internet is more geared towards video. This way the viewer gets the “see, hear, and to a degree “feel” what the marketer wants to convey. Just like we “eat with our eyes” the tendency is also to buy that way. If we can see the product, get enough information to convince us it does what it says, plus all the money back guarantees, and it’s what we’re looking for, the “click” is almost guaranteed.

Add to the additional perks like Amazon Prime that can sometimes deliver the same day, plus the other advantages Prime offers, and the so called “pot” just gets sweeter.

OK, so where does a Mini Course fit into all this? Dead Center! It’s a video format, providing short modules that provide just enough information in each one to either grab your interest…or not.

A viewer comes to this Mini Course in the first place because they saw an ad somewhere, generally for a “give-away product” they were interested in connected with the Course. Once they click and get the product, the Mini Course dealing with the item they just downloaded at no cost, is also offered at no cost.

So this course, that as a rule will contain 7 modules, is dripped over a week to the viewers email. Each module offers more information about said product, always offering the opportunity to make the purchase. After all, that is the desired result.

Mini Courses come in many different forms. You can find them on, and many other educational sites. After years of creating websites, writing hundreds of articles and a few eBooks, this is fast becoming my favorite method of grabbing  attention to products online.

So what happened with my first Mini Course? Well it’s the first one I’ve created so this is all new! Find out along with me.


To learn more about Mini Courses join me real soon on 7 Steps To Money For Beginners With Content Marketing. No purchase necessary, but you are encouraged to view and comment. If it’s no good it would help to know. On the other hand, if it’s awesome I know you’ll be sure to tell me!

I’ll be giving away an eBook titled, Affiliate Secrets, for those who take the time to view the Mini Course. For those interested in receiving notice when the Course goes live, just send me a short message indicating “Count me in!” to support at dtdwyl dot com. It should be up in just a few more days.