Secrets To Discover Your End To Being Broke!

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Hi! Alan here. Let’s get something out of the way right from the start. I’m not coming here with some “rags to riches” story to convince you I’m the expert at anything. Never was homeless, but came pretty close in 2008. Have definitely seen the ups and downs financially.  I’m far from destitute and just as far from wealthy. Retired on a pension, with no guarantee how long that may last. As politicians continue to rob Social Security and anything else the can put in their collective pockets at our expense. 

Right now income is OK. However nothing lasts forever. What is additional income will end soon, creating a definite shortfall. This is something I’m not willing to let take control of our lives. As long as there are alternatives there are choices. I’ve found a way to beat the odds that is safe, ethical, and doable. That can be done from home on my laptop. Even from my iPad or cell phone. Read on to learn more.

There is a secret to the more month than money syndrome. You know that feeling of where do you come of with the extra money to pay whatever is left lacking. What do you leave out? Food? Insurance? VISA, Master Card, AMEX, or Discover bills? Then there’s Macy’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Lunch money for the kids, a battery for the car at $140+. Doctor visits, co-pays, the hospital bills, HOA fees and on.

There’s that desperate feeling too of downsizing that’s rampart all over the place, and your company is not immune. The stress day to day whether you’ll have a job tomorrow always looms on the surface. You’ve never loved working in that cubicle, and there’s always the feeling from your boss that your work is never quite good enough. The evaluations always manage to find something that is negative, and needs improvement.

After 10 years it’s a drudgery to get up, fight the traffic on the commute coming and going that takes 45 minutes each way on a good day. A J.O.B. that feels like it’s going nowhere, and you have no idea what you would do if it ended. Scary…right?

There is a solution. You’ve heard about it. In fact it’s just possible you know someone who’s actually doing it. But it has always sounded risky, sorta scammy. And it’s always easier to depend on the sure thing even if it’s got plenty of negative factors.

When you see that one person driving a shiny new sports model, you wonder if he hit the lottery or what? Just a year ago he was just like you. Now you don’t see him as much, and when you do it’s always around the expensive restaurants, stores, and all the places you can’t afford. What no to know what his secret is? Being fed up with a J.O.B. and ready to do whatever to make a change!

He discovered how to make money on the internet. You know, online, with Google, Amazon, eBay and a host of others. Sure, you’ve seen the scams. Maybe even spent some money to discover it’s not all it’s cut out to be. Too technical, or instructions not clear enough. Or it could be the support was not all it should have been. Lacking in expertise when you needed help. Like thousands of others you gave in a decided it’s not for you.

Ok, so what if there was a program that even you could figure out. Especially if it was so simple anybody could do it? If they weren’t afraid to try it. Would an extra $250-$300 monthly make a difference in your life? That’s only $65 to $75 a week! Would that take some strain off that end of the month monster? Bet it would.

So what’s the secret? It’s called Affiliate Marketing, sometimes referred to as Internet Marketing. The concept is simple enough. There are literally thousands of companies online like Amazon, Google, Best Buy, Macy’s, Walmart and more, all looking for affiliates or associates to help them sell their merchandise. What’s more, they will pay a commission when an item you have promoted sells. Yet you never handle a product, customer service, complaints, and you are your own boss!

How’s that sounding so far? You’re wondering what’s the catch…right? Well we’ll get to that later. Here’s a little more of why this works and how literally anyone can do it. If they really applied themselves. By that it means if they wouldn’t give up at the first obstacle. There are always those in life, no matter what you do. However, having enough money to confront those obstacles makes the effort to get past them more than worthwhile.

It’s a fact the 1 in 3 are now working from home. Why? Because no matter how good our economy is, an employee simply does not have the financial clout of the past. No matter the number of degrees with their name on them. Professional IT’s with years of experience are looking for jobs. Because a cheap labor law trick allowed companies to hire IT Pros from India. At one forth of the salary, putting Americans out of work! 

At the same time the cost of doing business for retailers has gotten so expensive, many like Macy’s, even Neiman Marcus, are closing down hundreds of stores. Payless Shoes is closing 1000 stores for 2017. How many people does that add to an overflowing pool of job seekers? What are their choices when no companies are hiring? Even as we hear of 500,000 jobs being added, are they jobs that would support you?

So when you can become an affiliate/associate for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and thousands of retailers both online and off, right from the comfort of your home, why not? There is bound to be so much you don’t know about this online phenomenon. It will boggle your mind! Amazon will pay a 5% commission for the price of a product your referral buys. That may not seem like much fro a $25 blender. How does it sound for a $2000 refrigerator?

Then there are other companies like Law firms looking for clients. They are looking for leads, and willing to pay maybe $100 just for a name that could be your referral. No sales! No products! Just that name, because it’s potentially worth thousands of dollars to them.

There are programs for beginners that are affordable and simple to learn. Most require a website, and/or the ability to create videos. Some are really good at clear instructions, making it so possible to succeed without investing more than $0-$50 dollars to get started. Are there other costs to do this? Sure, such as website hosting, and outsourcing SEO optimization which most of don’t have the expertise to do. It is still affordable.http://

By now the thought has entered your mind if this is so simple why doesn’t everybody do it? Well, that’s the catch. It’s called the “Fear Factor.” It’s a risk, meaning there are changes that have to take place. Sacrifices that have to be made. Discipline and a never give up determination. Working on developing a campaign instead of sitting back watching cable. Maybe having to sacrifice sleep to have quite time. Concentrating on posting ads or finding who to select for outsourcing your SEO. 

Future Will Thank You!

It’s about change. That thing we fight against the hardest. Once seen on a marquee was this slogan. “It’s easy to change. It’s just easier not too!” Like those New Year’s resolutions. Diets. Unfinished goals. Good intentions. Changes that rarely happen. Why? There’s the million dollar question. The above slogan is the million dollar answer.

It’s like most addicts. They will continue in their addiction as it is easier to be dependent on the drug of choice. Until, if ever, the pain of staying in that addiction becomes greater, than the fear of facing the unknown future. Human nature is no different. The assumed safety of security is like a drug. Whether it be a J.O.B, a contractor, where there is dependency on another in some form. How different than when you know how to source multiple streams of income, never again being dependent on an employer or one source.

So the objective of this site is to introduce you to Affiliate Marketing, with links to resources to investigate. Where you can get tutorials, webinars, and loads of information how it’s done before ever investing a cent.

I will only offer those I have experience with or know that are legitimate. In many cases you will learn along with me. It’s almost guaranteed I will also learn form you. The teacher always becomes a student! There’s no charge at this point to take advantage of this site. At some point in the future it could become a membership site only for a monthly fee. The again it may be more successful as a free resource site. There are many great resources out there. You just have to dig to find them. You’re here, so join in!

Telework Gear! Vibrating massage chair. Foot relaxer! Laptop stand and mouse pag table! Rough.

Is this the opportunity you’ve desperately been looking for, dreaming about? Could this add $1000 monthly to your income? What if it could create $5000? Would that bring your wife home? Learning how to create $5000 makes it possible to double or triple the amount. Would that bring both of you home? Never to have a J.O.B. again? Bet it would!

Getting started has little to no cost if you have a website and a youtube account. With 5 billion youtube views daily it’s almost a cinch you have both. Did you know that youtube is taking over as a search engine as they compete with Google for that traffic? Pretty amazing. Who would have thought that youtube would be bigger in that respect than Google, or even Face Book? This is what constantly evolves on the internet. You can be a part of that evolution. 

For starters have a look at free tutorials from They are huge, even offering free membership for those wanting to become affiliate marketers. If you’re willing to invest a few dollars and have some technical savvy, Internet Jetset may be the choice for you. Another for the beginner is All of these are programs I am familiar with and currently using.

There will be reviews posted of these programs to reveal real time experiences, both positive and negative. Keep in mind these are my experiences. That does not suggest you will have the same.