5 Tips For Affiliate Marketing Newbies


Affiliate program is the starting place for a big majority of home entrepreneurs and beginners in Internet Marketing. Mainly because of the small amount of work most believe is necessary. There are some elements that you must absolutely look for before you start promoting an affiliate product.

Tip #1. Promote a unique product to get better results.

Many believe promoting a product which is already being sold by hundreds of affiliates will not give you the same results as if you have a unique proposition. So there is a tendency to ignore such products.

A different product that only some affiliates distribute might seem to be a better choice. That kind of program is more than a little bit difficult to find because it is not in the interest of the merchant to do so in the short term.

On the other hand, competition means affiliates are having good to great results with that particular product. What’s more important is does it resonates with you? It needs to be a product that your can believe in, and that also has a market where there is a demand for the product. That usually means there are people in “pain,” meaning need.

Tip #2. Powerful and effective affiliate tools.

When you are ready to promote, you may be lost if you are new to Affiliate Marketing. Actually, most of the beginners take months to make their first sale, because the merchant doesn’t help them in their hard work. So be sure to find a sufficient and clear affiliates resource section.

Advertising banners, links, and a variety of other aids for promotion shows a merchants true desire to work with affiliates. That will skyrocket your chances of success. Also, good communication with the vendor should not be difficult. It is a must if the effort is going to be profitable. Otherwise it’s better to look for another vendor.

Tip #3. Example of effective resources:

  • Brandable ebooks to give away or sell at a low price with your own affiliate ID links to generate leads… and sales.
  • Sales letters provided.
  • Templates of the emails to send to your list(s), pre-written email or even better. It’s best to review these for content
  • Free promotional tips provided, to make money without spending thousands in the beginning (a must for beginners)
  • Advice and tips for paid promotional techniques (don’t loose all your money in something that doesn’t bring results).
  • Redirect links through your own website. For example: www.yoursite.com/theaffiliatesite/
  • Banners

Tip #4. Good Ad Tracking software.

This is key. You must be able to monitor almost everything in your resources section:
You must be able to track your sales, how many visitors came to your site, to the merchant site, and by which page they entered to the merchant site (here is the importance of the redirect links).
You must be able to view your payment history, and also how many people signed up underneath you if it is a two tier affiliate program. This is where a good Ad Tracking system is super important.

Tip #5. Cookies plus IP addresses.

Today, it is a common practice by Internet users to clear their cookies daily or weekly. So if you spend money on PPC or any other paid advertising to get a customer, you do not want to see another affiliate get the commission you should have received. Link cloaking can help prevent this. So try to choose an affiliate program with a tracking software which take also the IP address of your future customer. By the way, recurring commissions are a must.

Last but not least, try to find associate programs with generous compensation plans of at least 50%. Give a preference to the two tiers affiliates programs because you will be paid on two levels.

There are many aspects to consider as a beginner with Affiliate Marketing. If you are attempting to do this without expert advice, or the benefit of a respectable program by an affiliate pro, you are attempting to buck the odds of success…and failure.

Typically “newbies” set up a website, find a product that looks good, send traffic that is most likely not in the least geared towards joining their list much less buying. The whole process is headed towards failure.

Take the time to check our affiliate forums which can be found through a Google search. Warrior Forum may be at the top of the list. Ask questions and you will be rewarded with answers. This information in many cases can set you on the right track.

Additional Key Tips!

1. Search out products that show many affiliates participating.
2. Find a product either digital or hard goods you like
3. Determine how other affiliates are promoting the product
4. A website is not the only means of promoting
5. Video, article marketing, Face Book, Instagram are also great sources to promote products
6. Use a combination of free and paid advertising
7. An Ad Tracker program is essential so you know what’s happening with your various forms of promotion

These are just a few tips that can save you major headaches, time and money.

Desk of an affiliate marketer!