3 Simple Steps For Newbies To Start In Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Is NOT A Scam!

OK. So here’s the definition of what affiliate marketing is. “An arrangement between an online merchant and affiliate (you), in which the affiliate (you) earns a commission for generating sales, leads and/or clicks for the merchant’s web site.”

So affiliate marketing works in a win-win situation for the merchant and the you as the affiliate. The vendor with the product gains opportunities to advertise his products. You are the one doing that advertising for free to a larger market. This will increase his sales. The more hard-working affiliates he gets, the more sales he can expect.

By getting affiliates to market his products and services, he is saving himself time, effort and money in looking for possible markets and customers. When a client clicks on the link in the your website and purchases the product you get paid. Ideally that customer recommends it to others who look for the same item or they buy it again. This is one way the merchant leverage his chances of increased sales.

On the other hand, you benefit from each customer. Those who click on the link in your website and who actually purchase the product. You can negotiate this as a fixed percentage or fixed amount. The best is that it won’t cost you a single dime to join an affiliate program. If you want to be an affiliate marketer and make money on the Internet, follow these three most basic steps to get started.

First step is to identify a particular niche you are interested in. Being passionate about one could be good so you won’t be bored. The only drawback is whether or not it is a market where there is pain! If you focus on a specific area you known well, it could help you reach your best effort. Some of the places you can research are – ClickBank Marketplace, AssociatePrograms.com, LinkShare.com, CJ.com etc.

Secondly is finding merchants that pay well with high converting products. Create a list of of high converting affiliate programs for the niche you chose. That is going to take some research to determine who’s got the goods. When you chose the products, you have to consider the support they offer. Do they have marketing materials that include articles, text links, banner ads, classified ads, reports, etc? Are they free? Send a support request to see how quickly they respond. Review any comments for negative feedback.

There are lots of affiliate networks to choose from. A Google search will produce a ton of links. Figuring out who’s legit or a flash in the pan is your challenge. It might be to your best interests to join an affiliate forum or two. Ask questions about any of those affiliate networks. The answers might surprise you. It is always recommended to take things with a grains of salt. You never know who may be nursing a grudge.

So let’s say that you have finally narrowed down and decided which products you want to promote. Next is choosing a host for your website and a domain name. Word Press is still the number one choice as far as a platform. There are many sites that will host that for you. However it depends what sort of product(s) you chose. Some may be better promoted through youtube, and others through social media like Twitter or Face Book.

There are tutorials in abundance to lead you along the right path…or the wrong one. ClickBank University has some great courses, at a price. There are even 60-70 courses for $10 on UDEMY.com for various affiliate marketing choices. So for the beginner with limited resources you will have a hard time not finding help to get started.

Remember, there’s no quick path to success. Affiliate marketing always seems very tempting if you pay attention to the multitude of hyped testimonies of vendors and marketers alike. There are many who have benefited from it and thousands that haven’t. It really involves a great deal of hard work and persistence. You also need to be creative and flexible.

Most affiliate marketers don’t get this, so when they don’t make sales they quit. Looking for other programs and go right back to making same mistake. In the end, they say that affiliate marketing is just one of those scams on the Internet. You can work your way to success if you simply pay attention to the right strategies and details of affiliate marketing. You can make money as an affiliate marketer when you’re willing to do what it takes. So ask yourself. Are you willing? How bad do you want it?

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